Buddhakhol – Panchu Mahadeva Temple


A ways off of around 3 kms towards the north of Buguda is Buddhakhol, which is a picturesque spot every now and again visited by travelers and picnickers. In the middle of common green environment there is a group of five sanctuaries on the highest point of a hill, devoted to Lord Siva, prevalently known as Panchu Mahadeva. At the upper most piece of the hill an enduring stream shapes a waterfall. Various Buddhist remaining parts have been found at the spot which give the feeling that it was a Buddhist settlement in earlier times. Not a long way from the spot there are various caverns one of which is called Siddha Gumpha where Buddhist priests were said to have performed meditation in ancient times. On Sivaratri and Kartika Purnima days an enormous number of individuals assemble here to offer Puja at the sanctuary.

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How to Reach Buddhakhol

By Air

Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar

By Train

Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar

By Road

On Road it is 73 k.m. from Berhampur

Budhakhol Temple & Buddhakhol Waterfall, Ganjam

Buddhakhol, the historical past web website online of Odisha, is close to Buguda block, placed seventy five kilometers from Brahmapur metropolis in Ganjam district of Odisha. It is well-known for the lovely trees, the vintage caves of Buddhists, the Shiva temples and the perennial waterfall (panjuria). Most vacationers are interested in the splendid picturesque and greenery all around. It is a maximum famous picnic spot.

Top Attractions Of Buddhakhol:
Top Attractions of Buddhakhol, Ganjam
Buddhakhol, the region is a symbolism of Buddhist culture. It is thought that this region turned into the meditation region of Buddha. It is a combination of Buddhism and Hinduism. There is forty two ft. top statue of Lord Shiva and Parvati withinside the midst of the forest. It appears outstanding. You ought to climb up the hill.


Relics of Buddhas are located withinside the caves. After mountain climbing to the pinnacle of the hill, you may see Dayana cave, Siddha cave- an area in which the priests contemplated and at a ways you may be aware a completely massive stone named Patharakhai.


Waterfall at Buddhakhol, Ganjam
The perennial waterfall known as as panjuria is located withinside the pinnacle of the hill. The water is thought to have medicinal properties.

The Panchu Mahadeva temples committed to Lord Shiva is the principle attraction. The Panchu Mahadeva Temples consists of 5 temples worshipping Lord Shiva, all located at the hill. The institution of 5 well-known shiva temples are: Sri Makareswar Swami, Sri Siddheswar Swami, Sri Jagadieshwar Swami, Sri Gangadhareswar Swami and Sri Budheswar Swami.


Maghasaptami, Bolbom, Kartikapurnami, Mahasivaratri, Sambar Dashami are celebrated right here.

The stays of Buddhists additionally appeal to the vacationers giving an influence of Buddhist agreement at this region in historic days.

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Best Time To Visit :

The exceptional time to go to Buddhakhol is all through iciness
The exceptional time to go to Buddhakhol is all through the iciness season to observe the perennial waterfall and for picnic.

Many devotees come all through Shiva Ratri, that is a major pageant right here withinside the month of March/ April to worship Shiva. Kumar Purnima pageant is likewise well-known right here.

A huge quantity of human beings come all through Bol Bom pageant all through the month of Shravan in June/July to worship lord Shiva, which draws vacationers. Budhakhol Temple, Buddhakhol Waterfall, Ganjam, Budhakhol, Budhakhol Tour, Budhakhol Travel, Budhakhol Ganjam, Ganjam Tourism, Ganjam tour, Ganjam Travel



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