Harishankar, Balangir


Balangir, The Gandhamardan hills stands Harishankar Temple. Harishankar Temple is a place of pilgrimage with uncommon scenic charms. As a cool resort in the lap of nature, The Harishankar temple is a beautiful tourist place for the heat of the summer season. A cool bath in this waterfall with sliding on the streaming rock brings the tourist uncommon happiness. in this place (waterfall) is believed that one can refrain from all his sins with having a bath in the stream and worship the Lord Harishankar here to fulfill their wishes. visitors can stay in the panthanivas to enjoy the beauty of Harishankar temple, Balangir..

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Harishankar Waterfall

Belonging to the own circle of relatives of herbal gemstones of Odisha is the Harishankar Fall that is called a famous pilgrimage webweb page withinside the state. The fall unearths its unique location at the southern facet of Gandhamardan hills withinside the Rourkela City of Odisha. This tourism appeal is normally visited and is nestled withinside the coronary heart of travelers because the well-known Harishankar Temple is hooked up to it. Pilgrims who go to this well-known temple, provide their prayers to 2 divine Hindu deities whose call are added collectively as Harishankar in which Hari way Lord Vishnu and Shankar way Lord Shiva.

Hence, traveling Harishankar Fall may be a non violent enjoy for the travelers who need to depart their town existence at the back of for a few time. Once right here vacationers can dip their soul withinside the soothing chants and chimes of the temple; experience the breeze that ripples via their skin; experience the speeding waft of the waterfall and appreciate the sight of scenic darkish forests and Gandhamardan hills.

All of this collectively makes Harishankar Fall one of the first-class vacationer spots in Odisha. Furthermore, Indira Gandhi Park, Hanuman Vatika, Khandadhar Fall, PitaMahal Dam and Ispat Nehru Park are a few vacationer locations that may be visited while across the fall.

How to Reach Harishankar

By Air

The Nearest airports are Swami Vivekananda International Airport, Raipur (201 K.M)

By Train

One can reach Balangir by bus or train.

By Road

One can reach Balangir by bus or train. From Balangir one can visit Harishankar by bus or taxi.



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