Major Rivers of Madhya Pradesh

Top Rivers of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a country positioned withinside the north-crucial a part of India, masking round 3,08,245 rectangular km of area. It is a country with a subtropical climate. Several Indian rivers go with the drift via Madhya Pradesh. It is one in every of India`s main river basins. Narmada, one of the main rivers of India, flows via Madhya Pradesh as well.

The main river basins of Madhya Pradesh are Narmada, Godavari, Mahi, Ganga, and Tapti. Rivers flowing from east to west of MP are Narmada, Mahi and Tapti. Kali Sindh, Ken, Sind, Chambal, Parbati, Dhasan, Kuno, Shipra, and Betwa are the rivers draining into the Ganga basin even as flowing from south to north.

The river Son which originates from Madhya Pradesh, is the most important tributary from the south into the Ganga. The Pench, the Wardha, the Kanhan, the Wainganga and Penganga rivers fall into the Godavari.

Major Rivers of Madhya Pradesh

List of Major Rivers of Madhya Pradesh

Origin: Amarkantak in Anuppur district
End: Gulf of Khambat withinside the Arabian Sea
Flows through: Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat
Length: 1,312 km
Tributaries: Left Tributaries- Burhner River, Ganjal River, Chhota Tawa River, Kaveri River, Banjar River, Sher River, Shakkar River, Dudhi River, Tawa River, Kundi River, Goi River, Karjan River.
Right Tributaries- Hiran River, Uri River, Hatni River, Tendoni River, Choral River, Kolar River, Man River, Orsang River
Projects: Sardar Sarovar Dam (Navegaon Gujarat), Bargi Dam (Bargi, Jabalpur), Goi Dam (Badwani), Maheshwar Dam (Maheshwar), Maan Dam (Dhar), Indira Sagar Dam (Khandwa), Jobat Dam(Jhabua).

Key Points: It is likewise referred to as “Life Line of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh” for its large contribution to the kingdom of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh in lots of ways.
It is certainly considered one among best 3 most important rivers in peninsular India that run from east to west (longest west flowing river), at the side of the Tapti River and the Mahi River.
Main waterfalls in this river are Doodh Dhara (Anuppur), Kapil Dhara (Anuppur), Doodh Sagar (Jabalpur), Sahastdhara (Maheshwar), Dardi (Badwah).
It is one of the rivers in India that flows in a rift valley, flowing west among the Satpura and Vindhya tiers

Origin: Janapav Hills in Vindhya Range
End: Yamuna River in Etawah(Uttar Pradesh)
Flows through: Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh
Length: 885 km
Tributaries: Left Tributaries- Banas, Mej.
Right Tributaries- Parbati, Kali Sindh, Shipra
Projects: Gandhi Sagar Dam (Mandsaur), Kota Barrage (Kota, Rajasthan), Rana Pratap Sagar Dam (Rawatbhata‎ ‎District‎, Rajasthan), Jawahar Sagar Dam (Kota, Rajasthan)

Key Points: Chambal is referred to as Charmanyavati in Mahabharata, this means that originating from the blood of 1000 animals sacrificed.
The Chulia waterfall is five Km upstream of Chambal river close to Bhainsrorgarh.
It rises withinside the antique Vindhya Range and flows in a northeastern path and is the second one largest tributary of the Yamuna River.
Chambal River is likewise taken into consideration a number of the cleanest rivers of India and domestic to extraordinary fauna like gharials, muggers, dolphins etc.
The National Chambal Sanctuary is likewise positioned at the banks of Chambal River that is meant to shield and maintain Ghariyals and crocodiles and additionally gives a niche for tourism.

Origin: Amarkantak in Anuppur district
End: Ganga in Patna(Bihar)
Flows through: Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar
Length: 784 Km
Tributaries: Left Tributaries- Ghaghar River, Chhoti Mahanadi River , Johilla River,
Right Tributaries- Gopad River, North Koel River, Rihand River, Kanhar River
Projects: Indrapuri Barrage (Rohtas, Bihar), Bansagar Dam (shahdol, Madhya Pradesh)
Key Points: Son River is a perennial river which is likewise referred to as the Golden River.
Famous bridges which can be constructed on Son River are Abdul Bari Bridge close to Arrah and Nehru Setu at Dehri.
The insurance region device of Son River is surrounded through the Vindhyachal variety withinside the north, Pun Pun River and Chhota Nagpur plateau withinside the east.
From the southern side, Son River is surrounded through the Baghelkhand plateau and Mahadeva hills and forests of Maikal and Bhamver variety from the western side.

Origin: Malwa Plateau in Vidhisha district
End: the Yamuna in Jalaun (Uttar Pradesh)
Flows via: Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh
Length: 470 Km
Tributaries: Pahuj, Vaisali, Mahuar, Kunwari
Projects: Manikheda Dam (Shivpuri)
Key Points: The overall catchment vicinity of this river in Madhya Pradesh kingdom is 26698 km².
It has a complete period of 470 kms, out of which 461 kms are in Madhya Pradesh and nine kms are in Uttar Pradesh.

Origin: Multai in Betul district
End: Gulf of Khambhat withinside the Arabian Sea
Flows via: Gujrat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh
Length: 724 Km
Tributaries: Purna River, Girna River, Ganjal River, Ambhora River, Tawa River
Key Points: Tapi River is certainly considered one among simplest 3 rivers in peninsular India that run from east to west – the others being the Narmada River and Mahi River.
The Tapti basin extends to the whole vicinity of 65, a hundred forty five sq km, that is about 2.0% of the whole geographical vicinity of India.
River along side the northern parallel Narmada River bureaucracy the bounds among North and South India.
Tapti River at Surat changed into used because the most important ports for the reason of exports of products and additionally as an crucial halt vacation spot for Muslim pilgrimage referred to as Haj to Mecca.

Origin: Kakri Bardi in Indore district
End: Chambal in Mandsaur district
Flows via: Rajashthan and Madhya Pradesh
Length: 195Km
Tributaries: Gambhir, Khan River
Key Points: The holy town of Ujjain is placed at the proper financial institution of the Shipra River. The well-known Kumbha Mela takes location withinside the ghats of this town, as soon as each 12 years.
Narmada Shipra Sihastha Link Pariyojana, Mundla Dosdar is a mission linking Shipra River to River Narmada. The mission lifts water from the Narmada River the usage of power after which transports it to the supply of the Kshipra river via pipes.
The maximum famous ghat of Shipra River is “Ram Ghat”. Ram Ghat is the maximum historical ghat of the Shipra River.
Shipra is likewise called the Ganga of Malwa region.

Origin: Vindhyachal Mountains in Katni District
End: the Yamuna in Banda (Uttar Pradesh)
Flows via: Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh
Length: 427Km
Tributaries: Left Tributaries- Dewar, Kaith, Bawas and Baink
Right Tributaries- Bearma and Kopra
Projects: Gangau Dam (Khajuraho)
The Ken-Betwa Inter Linking of River Project goals to switch surplus water from the Ken River to the Betwa basin via a concrete canal to irrigate India`s worst drought-susceptible Bundelkhand region.
The Raneh Falls on Ken River and Ken Gharial Sanctuary are visitor attractions.
It is likewise well-known for the uncommon semi-valuable stone called Shazar or Shahjar, a obvious shape of the mineral Agate containing dendrites.
Ken River passes via the Panna National Park.

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