Must See Temples in Madhya Pradesh

Top Temples in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh (Central area) isn’t simply Indias valuable region, however additionally the house of a number of the countrys maximum beautiful temples and antique Indian historical past. The country is studded with exquisitely carved stone systems that captivate visitors. These famous temples in Madhya Pradesh are famous for top cause. Take a peek at this Madhya Pradesh famend temple listing to find out about each famous and lesser-acknowledged temples.

Must See Temples in Madhya Pradesh

List of Major Rivers of Madhya Pradesh

Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga
Enlightened through an superb mythological tale, Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is one of the maximum visited temples in Madhya Pradesh. The tranquillity of this region is past words, and the divine environment fills the hearts of the devotees with ecstasy and positivity. As said through the tourists, the season of monsoon provides greater splendor to the temple as Shravan is the delivery month of Lord Shiva. On the event of Maha Shivratri, a big truthful is organised for the devotees, and the temple stays open all night time long.
Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Timings: 3am to 11pm
Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Entry fee: Nil

Kandariya Mahadev Temple
Having been built among 1025 and 1050 AD, Kandariya Mahadeo Temple has enlisted its call among the oldest temples withinside the nation. It is placed in Khajuraho, which was once the capital of the Chandela dynasty. This temple is embellished with fun erotic sculptures and dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Kandariya Mahadev Temple Timings: 5am – 12pm & 4pm – 9pm
Kandariya Mahadev Temple Entry fee: Rs 10

Adinath Temple
Adinath Temple is one of the Khajuraho Group of Monuments protected as a global historical past web website online through UNESCO. Jain deity Tirthankara Adinatha is even worshipped there; so the temple sculptures function Hindu deities along Jain Yakshinis and others. It turned into constructed withinside the eleventh century CE. It has been reckoned through the Archaeological Survey of India as a Monument of National Importance.
Adinath Temple Timings: 5am – 12pm & 4pm – 9pm
Adinath Temple Entry fee: Nil

Kal Bhairav Temple
Dedicated to Kal Bhairav, the dad or mum deity of Ujjain, that is one of the maximum well-known temples to go to in Madhya Pradesh. More than hundreds of devotees come to the temple each week.
Kal Bhairav Temple Timings: Open 24 hours
Kal Bhairav Temple Entry fee: Nil

Omkareshwar Temple
Situated upon Mandhata Island withinside the Narmada River, this temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas wherein the Hindu deity Omkareshwar (some other call of Lord Shiva) is worshipped. Shivratri and Shravan Utsav are the 2 maximum celebrated gala’s here.
Omkareshwar Temple Timings: 5am – 9:30pm
Omkareshwar Temple Entry fee: Nil

Mamleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple
Amreshwar Temple, popularly referred to as Mamleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, is a included monument with a stunning architectural design. The temple is at the financial institution of the Narmada River wherein Lord Shiva, referred to as the lord of the immortals, is worshipped.
Mamleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple Timings: 5:30am – 9pm
Mamleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple Entry fee: Nil

Bada Ganesh Ka Mandir
As the temple`s call refers, a humongous idol of Lord Ganesha is worshipped in the temple. The standard view, consisting of the idol, fills the souls of the site visitors with appeal and calming vibes. It is located withinside the town of Ujjain close to Mahakaleshwar Temple.
Bada Ganesh Ka Mandir Timings: 5am – 12pm & 4pm – 8pm
Bada Ganesh Ka Mandir Entry fee: Nil

Matangeshwar Temple
Devoted to Lord Shiva, the Matangeshwar Temple in Khajuraho is one of the oldest temples constructed withinside the eleventh century CE. Among all of the temples of the Chandela dynasty in Khajuraho, it has the plainest and best architectural styles. The temple is categorized as a Monument of National Importance with the aid of using the Archaeological Survey of India and is actively utilized by the devotees in gift days for worship.
Matangeshwar Temple Timings: 5am – 10pm
Matangeshwar Temple Entry fee: rs 40, rs six hundred for foreigners

Harsiddhi Temple
Harsiddhi Temple is one of the fifty one Shakti Peethas of Maa Sati wherein Mata Annapurna, an incarnation of Maa Parvati, is worshipped. The structure of the temple has Maratha touches. Navratri pageant is widely known withinside the temple in a tremendous manner, dressing the temple with an massive quantity of lights. These make a gap for the temple most of the maximum well-known temples to go to in Madhya Pradesh.
Harsiddhi Temple Timings: 5:45am – 7pm
Harsiddhi Temple Entry fee: Nil

Parshvanath Temple
It is a 10th-century monument in Khajuraho committed to the Jain deity Parshvanath. The temple’s structure is certainly a visible treat. It is likewise part of the Khajuraho Group of Monuments categorised as a international historical past webweb page with the aid of using UNESCO.
Parshvanath Temple Timings: 5am – 12pm & 4pm – 9pm
Parshvanath Temple Entry fee: Nil

Gauri Somnath Mandir
Gauri Somnath Temple, which famous the Bhumji fashion of structure, become constructed withinside the eleventh century in Omkareshwar. The temple has a large Shivalinga and statue of Nandi which have been the important thing appeal for the site visitors. No pair can contact their arms from contrary ends at the same time as embracing Lingam until they’re an uncle and nephew.
Gauri Somnath Mandir Timings: 5am – 6pm
Gauri Somnath Mandir Entry fee: Nil

Chaturbhuj Temple
Chaturbhuj Temple is a Ram mandir (an avatar of Lord Vishnu), built in Orchha with the aid of using the Bundela Rajputs withinside the sixteenth century. Lord Ram is thought to have four (chatur) arms (Bhuj), and this is why the temple is referred to as Chaturbhuj. Having the aggregate of Maru-Gurjara structure, the temple has end up an area of extraordinary hobby amongst site visitors.
Chaturbhuj Temple Timings: 9am – 5pm
Chaturbhuj Temple Entry fee: Nil

Lakshmana Temple
Yashovarman, a sovereign king of the Chandela dynasty, constructed the Lakshmana Temple withinside the tenth century to worship Lord Vaikuntha Vishnu. Statues of three-headed and four-armed Lord Vaikuntha Vishnu are sculpted withinside the temple along Narashima, Varaha, Ganesha, etc. The shape of this temple is pretty specific from different Khajuraho temples because it depicts a Panchayatana form withinside the outer element and a Pancharatha format inside.
Lakshmana Temple Timings: 8am – 6pm
Lakshmana Temple Entry fee: INR 10

Shri Pashupatinath Temple
Pashupatinath, a shape of Lord Shiva, is respected with the aid of using the devotees in Shri Pashupatinath Mandir, built withinside the fifth or sixth century in Mandsaur. The most important appeal of this Shiva temple is an Ashtamukhi (eight-faced) Shivalinga which became located at the financial institution of the Shiva River.
Shri Pashupatinath Temple Timings: 6am – 8pm

Javari Temple
As part of Khajuraho Groups of Monuments, Javari Temple is likewise a international background webweb page introduced with the aid of using UNESCO. The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and became constructed with the aid of using Rulers of the Chandela dynasty among 975 and 1100 AD. The structure of this temple will remind you of the Chaturbhuj Temple positioned in Khajuraho.
Javari Temple Timings: 8am – 8pm
Javari Temple Entry fee: Nil

Saas Bahu Temple
Saas Bahu Temple is a dual temple constructed withinside the Kachchhapaghata dynasty with the aid of using Raja Mahipal withinside the eleventh century in Gwalior. Padmanabha, a shape of Lord Vishnu, is the principle deity of this temple. The temple is likewise called Sahasrabahu or Harisadanam Temple.
Saas Bahu Temple Timings: 8am – 5pm
Saas Bahu Temple Entry fee: Nil

Bharat Milap Mandir
Devotees frequently go to Bharat Milap Mandir to locate peace of mind, wherein Shree Rama met his brother Bharat after returning to Ayodhya, serving a 14-yr Vanvaas. As defined with the aid of using the pilgrims, the footprints of Lord Rama and Bharat may be visible at their assembly spot. Bharat Milap pageant is well known there at the day after Dussehra, that’s joined with the aid of using hundreds of people. This place`s mythological and religious fee makes it one of the extraordinarily well-known temples to go to in Madhya Pradesh.
Bharat Milap Mandir Timings: 7am – 6pm
Bharat Milap Mandir Entry fee: Nil

Chausath Yogini Temple
Situated in Mitauli village, Madhya Pradesh, the Chausath Yogini Temple is assessed as an historic and ancient monument with the aid of using the Archaeological Survey of India. Devpala, a ruler from the Kachchhapaghata dynasty, constructed this temple withinside the eleventh century in a round form. The sixty five chambers withinside the round element are for Chausath (64) Yogini and Devi, at the same time as the centre is devoted to Lord Shiva.
Chausath Yogini Temple Timings: 6am – 7pm

Annapurna Temple
Hindu deity Annapurna, a shape of Maa Durga who’s believed to offer meals on everyone`s plate, is worshipped in Annapurna Mandir in Indore. The structure indicates the South Indian shape of temples and is just like the Meenakshi Mandir in Madurai. The sculptural splendor and completely satisfied ecosystem of the temple draw a amazing variety of devotees and vacationers each day.
Annapurna Temple Timings: 6am – 11pm
Annapurna Temple Entry fee: Nil

Chintaman Ganesh Temple
As consistent with a belief, this temple turned into based with the aid of using Maa Sita in Rama Yuga. Popular most of the visitors, the temple worships Ganesha, the Lord of starting in Hinduism.
Chintaman Ganesh Temple Timings: 7am – 8pm
Chintaman Ganesh Temple Entry fee: rs 40, rs 2 hundred for foreigners

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