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Forest Resources in Odisha

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What are the forest resources in Odisha?

The South-Western and North-Eastern storm gives sufficient downpour fall in the state. The state gives a wide range of woodlands because of its topographical area. The timberlands like evergreen, rainstorm, flowing and mountain types are available are the state.

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These timberlands have many kinds of trees and plants making the state as one of the significant woodland assets of the country. Almost 32% of the space of the state is currently covered with timberland.

The woods of the state gives tree like Teak, Sal, Shisu, Khaira, and so forth other than bamboos in planty. Almost eightly percent of timberland in the state is of deciduous sort. This sort of timberland gives numerous assortments of significant tree for lodging and industry purposes. Other than this, timberland likewise gives kenduleaves in a lot for bidi industry.

Numerous natural life safe-havens are available at different pieces of the state for preservation and security of woodland creatures. Similipal in Mayurbhanj, Badrama in Sambalpur are well known for tigers and different creatures. Chilika is well known for its bird’s safe-haven.

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