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Odisha: Atri hot spring

Among the all states of the country India, Our Odisha has its own locus identity. To this land nature blessed with unimaginable beauties in form of Temple, forest, wildlife, waterfalls, and hot water springs etc. much more. In the thick of all hot water springs, Atri hot-water spring is flourishing one. It is situated just about 30km away from the dist of khordha and 43km from the smart city ‘Bhubaneswar’ in amidst greenery. Officially this beautiful tourist destination is discovered in Khordha district of Odisha. This is one of the iconic tourist spots as well as the religious point for peoples of atri odisha , india and for other tourists. The temperature of the water of this hot spring is about 57 °C and it’s believed that this hot spring has medicinal and spiritual properties for curing skin diseases and other diseases as well.

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How to reach atri odisha

Atri hot spring Baghamari

Atri hot spring Baghamari

Atri, a small village in Begunia police station located in kordha district is domestic to one of the warm springs of Odisha. During the go to to the majestic place, amidst paddy fields you’ll be able to witness warm spring bubbles up from the floor and odor a sturdy odour of sulphur that pervades the locality.

The temperature of the spring water is set fifty five diploma Celsius that stays extra or much less consistent for the duration of the year. To save you stagnation, the water of the recent spring is amassed in a reservoir which is supplied with outlets. The reservoir is 10 toes in circumference with a intensity of 15 toes.

The water is so crystal clean that the stones mendacity at the lowest of the reservoir are nicely seen whilst the sun`s rays fall at the water. Approximately, according to hour 375 cubic toes of water flows out of the reservoir.

Nearest Places of Attraction

Nearest Places of Attraction Atri

The temple of Hatakeswara (Siva) is located near the premises of the hotspring in which Sivaratri and Makar Sankranti fairs are held each year. People in and pass the country attend the competition. The Makar Sankranti competition that lasts for approximately a fortnight witnesses the congregation of almost twenty thousand human beings annually.

Belief Associated with the Hot Spring

Belief Associated with the Hot Spring

There is a notion that the spring has the extraordinary electricity of getting rid of the curse of barrenness from infertile women. As a ritual, after the prayers are complete, human beings throw coconuts, betel nuts, and different end result and plants into the reservoir as offering.
The warm spring is likewise reputed to have scientific homes and is used each intensively and considerably for the treatment of pores and skin diseases.

Scientific Benefits of the Hot Spring Water

Scientific Benefits of the Hot Spring Water

Numerous researches had been carried out on the recent water spring of Atri. Many of those researches have indicated a few not unusualplace clinical advantages of the water.
The recovery powers of warm springs had been used for lots of years and had been broadly normal as herbal remedy alternatives for numerous not unusualplace ailments. The Atri warm springs is reputed to have some of healing advantages.
Boost Blood Circulation
The water located in herbal warm springs is made out of a whole lot of distinctive minerals. Once we take a dip withinside the warm water, our our bodies take in those minerals. As a end result, the blood circulate and usual oxygen waft withinside the frame growth manifolds.
Reduce Stress and Promote Sleep
The mineral water withinside the warm spring also can assist lessen pressure through enjoyable anxious muscles. Meanwhile because the frame temperature rises withinside the bath, after which cools as soon as one exits, also can assist to loosen up and fall right into a deeper sleep.
Relieve Pain
The warm mineral baths might also additionally useful resource in ache remedy and fatigue resulting from giant ache. This end result due to the fact the warmth useless to say, once in a while intense, can stupid our belief of ache through blockading the ache receptors in our our bodies.

By Air

The nearest airport is located in Bhubaneswar.

By Rail

Khurda and Bhubaneswar district head railway station

By Road

Khurda is well connected with other districts and cities of Odisha by roads.


Best time to visit atri hot spring August to march

atri hot spring timings 7 am to 5pm
the hot water spring atri is located in naer Baghamari, khordha



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