Located withinside the country of Himachal Pradesh, Sirmour is a peaceful and tranquil district in which nevertheless extra than 90% of humans stay in villages.

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WHY VISIT Sirmour?

The locals are very near nature and as a result this region is untouched with the aid of using industrialisation. Sirmour consists of cities of Nahan, Paonta Sahib and Suketi and gives travelers picturesque landscapes, rocky hills to trek, serene lakes for boating and fantastically constructed temples. Sirmour is likewise known as the “Peach Bowl of India” due to the excessive cultivation of peaches this is undertaken right here. A lot of end result and greens like apples, ginger, potatoes, tomatoes, mangoes and peaches are grown right here, so that you may even deliver a number of those sparkling produces home.

Places to Visit in Sirmour

Situated at an elevation of 3,646 meters, that is the maximum lovely and pious region in now no longer best Sirmour however additionally in Himachal Pradesh. Myth has it that that is the very region from in which Lord Hanuman got here to discover herbs for significantly injured Lakshmana and later carried the entire hill in Ramayana. The splendor of this region magnifies due to the verdant forests and flora and fauna that habitats in it. This region is likewise a well-known hiking region for plenty vacationers.

Renuka Lake, Nahan
A magical lake replete with water is located at an elevation of 672 meters in Sirmour. It is the most important lake withinside the country of Himachal Pradesh and is surrounded with the aid of using inexperienced timber and hills. The region proffers wonderful perspectives and if viable you ought to witness both a dawn or a sundown from right here. You will simply be enchanted after this experience.

Renuka Ji
Located close to the pristine and clean Renuka Lake, Renuka Ji is a famous pilgrim spot among humans. This region additionally homes a gaming sanctuary and a flora and fauna reserve. The flora and fauna reserve is replete with numerous flowers and fauna. This region is maximum well-known for the pageant that is well known at some point of Kartika Ekadashi which need to now no longer be missed.

Habban Valley

Habban Valley is a valley that homes a whole lot of temples. This valley is well-known for fantastically carved temples that have been constructed beneathneath the supervision of Rajput Rulers. This region has a wealthy records and way of life of its own. Some of the well-known and ought to-go to temples consist of Shirgul Devta Temple, Palu Devta Temple and Tokro Tibba Kali Temple.

Haripur Dhar
Haripur Dhar is a famous mountain for hiking which of of an altitude of 2687 meters. A pristine and awesome temple sits at the hilltop devoted to Maa Bhangayani and is known as Maa Bhangayani Temple. This temple is visited with the aid of using a whole lot of devotees who come right here to hope and searching for blessings. A castle is also located on one of the hills that offers a glimpse into the records of this region. This region is a heaven for trekkers and nature lovers.

Bhureshwar Mahadev
Bhureshwar Mahadev is every other pious region and fantasy has it that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati noticed the well-known strugglefare of Kurukshetra withinside the epic of Mahabharata from right here. This region is visited with the aid of using a whole lot of Pilgrims and vacationers due to this well-known fantasy. This region is complete of lush inexperienced timber and hills.
Paonta Sahib

Sirmour additionally has a pious Gurudwara specifically Gurudwara Paonta Sahib. This pristine region is visited every day with the aid of using some of devotees. This Gurudwara is devoted to Guru Gobind Singhji who changed into invited with the aid of using Raja Medini Prakash, a valorous ruler of Sirmour to go to his kingdom. The gurudwara is a ought to-go to to experience positivity and purge your soul.

Renukaji Mini Zoo
Renukaji Mini Zoo changed into first of all commenced in 1957 to store and offer safety to animals. Animals like Sambhar, Chinkara, Hogdeer and Blackbuck are population of this zoo. A couple of lions changed into additionally added on this zoo to reproduce and multiply.

Situated at an elevation of 3647 meters, Nahan changed into based with the aid of using Raja Karna Prakash withinside the yr 1621. Nahan is well-known for its lush inexperienced forests and hiking and additionally presents picturesque scenic splendor. Nahan is famous among vacationers as many points of interest like Villa Round, Military Round and Hospital Round.

Jaganath Temple
Jaganath Temple is taken into consideration very pious among the locals. This temple is sort of 4 centuries vintage and changed into constructed with the aid of using Raja Budh Prakash. Every yr a pageant named Sawan Dwadashi is well known to mark the give up of the monsoon season. The pageant is well known with grandeur and entails a procession wherein idols of fifty- Gods and Goddesses are carried to the temple and floated in a pond. The pond is fantastically adorned or even a few geese and cranes may be visible gambling in its water.

Shivalik Fossil Park Saketi
Shivalik Fossil Park is an thrilling and charming region. It is a park which homes the fossils of a number of the rarest and a few extinct animals. To call some fossils which might be displayed right here are Stegodonganesa (an extinct grand elephant), Sivatherium Hexapratadon (Hippopotamus with six incisors), Crocodiles and Colossochetys Atlas (a massive land tortoise). This park additionally has a museum which offers precise facts approximately a majority of these animals.

Trilokpur Temple
Trilokpur Temple is devoted to goddess Mahamaya Bala Sundri. It turned into constructed below the supervision of Raja Dip Prakash in 1573. This temple is visited via way of means of quite a few pilgrims for the duration of the 12 months who come right here to hope and are trying to find blessings. A honest is held withinside the temple two times a 12 months which pulls quite a few people.

Dhaula Kuan
Dhaula Kuan is a lovely vicinity replete with bushes and orchards complete of culmination like peaches and mangoes. You may even purchase freshly organized jams, juices and pickles. And in case you need to hold those sparkling culmination home, you could even buy canned culmination so that it will remaining for a totally lengthy time. So make certain you pay a go to to this vicinity and take pleasure in a few healthful eating.

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