Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary


Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

Northeast India, with masses of diversity, is a traveler`s dream destination. Explore the great of hidden nature at Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary placed in West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh. Surrounded with the aid of using Sessa Orchid Sanctuary to the northeast and Pakhui Tiger Reserve to the east, Eaglenest is one of the famous flora and fauna sanctuaries stationed at an altitude of 500 m and increasing as much as 3250 m.

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About The Sanctuary

About The Sanctuary:
Imposing landscapes around, bright flora and fauna, colourful plants and thrilling locations make Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary a must-go to location for nature lovers. The sanctuary bureaucracy a first-rate part of Kameng Elephant Reserve. So, when you have more than one days to spare you can membership the Eaglenest excursion along side Kameng to make your journey a memorable one.
Eaglenest covers a huge area—along side the adjoining Bugun Community Forest, it includes 218 rectangular kilometres of fairly biodiverse geography. In among is a belt of temperate broadleaf and conifer wooded area. Almost all of that is reachable thru a motorable track, which begins offevolved from Tenga, is going as much as Lama Camp, crosses Eaglenest Pass, is going beyond the Bompu and Sessni Camps, after which right all the way down to the village of Khellong.

For the journey, I employed the offerings of Dambar, motive force of a four wheel drive and lover of Nepali music. With us changed into Khandu, a manual to the sanctuary who, I can say after many visits, is certainly one of the great. Our first prevent of the morning changed into the small village of Ramalingam, halfway among Tenga and Lama, in which I accrued my wooded area access allow from the wooded area beat office. I determined to continue taking walks for a few en direction birding, as Ramalingam is a great location to discover white collared blackbirds, wall creepers, not unusualplace buzzards, and lots of flycatchers. Khandu had noticed a couple of Hodgson`s frogmouths right here on his preceding journey. Ramalingam additionally has a few open habitats, in which the Himalayan serow, barking deer, and elusive golden cat can be seen.

The Sanctuary

aglenest Wildlife Sanctuary is located withinside the Dafla Hills on the western give up of Arunachal Pradesh, close to the boundary with Bhutan, and is a part of the bigger Kameng Protected Area Complex. To the south are the plains of Assam and the Brahmaputra Valley, and to the north throughout the alpine forests of Dirang and the Sela Pass, lies the snow-capped Gori Chen mountain range, at as much as 6,488m the best withinside the state (altitude 19,685 feet) and near the border with Tibet. To the northeast is Sessa Orchid Sanctuary and, at the jap boundary throughout the Kameng River, is the lowland evergreen wooded area of Pakke Tiger Reserve.
The sanctuary is under the Himalayan watershed, with the ridges of Eaglenest and Sessa receiving over three,000mm of rainfall from the monsoon because it movements northwards from Assam. As is the case throughout a lot of Arunachal Pradesh, the deep north-south valley prevents a lot east-west travel, and manner that birdlife can range appreciably over a quick distance. As certainly does the culture, with the indigenous tribes traditionally restrained to a highly small vicinity with little interplay with their neighbours.

The birding in Eaglenest isn’t demanding

The birding in Eaglenest isn’t demanding. The unpaved avenue connects the complete sanctuary which makes it excellent extra to the whole altitudinal variety. Eaglenest is a notified included vicinity with the encompassing populace of Bugun and Sherdukpen tribe. For closing one decade it’s been a top vacation spot for chook watchers from all over the world. Eaglenest as a sanctuary were given its most important reputation after the invention of recent chook Bugun Liochicla withinside the yr 2006.
Eaglenest is a Bio-Diversity hotspot. Other than awesome birding, the complete Eaglenest variety is extraordinarily wealthy for Mammals viz; Red Panda, Clouded Leopard, Asiatic Elephant, Tigers, Leopard style of Squirrels, Wild Bison, Dhole, Arunachal Macaque, Capped Langur and one of a kind species of Wild Cats inclusive of Golden Cat, Marble Cat, Leopard Cat etc.

Eaglenest is likewise similarly crucial for Butterflies/ Moths/ Frogs/ Reptile scientist and lovers.
Few Important birds of Eaglenest are; Bugun liocichla, Wards Trogon, Beautiful Nuthatch, Barwing, 7 species of Wren Babblers, four species of Shortwings, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Sikkim Wedge-billed Babbler, three species Trogopans,

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