Lakes are an imperative a part of our lives aleven though maximum of them aren’t used for ingesting water purpose. They virtually assist in ecological stability and price underground water. Hence, lakes are the maximum crucial water bodies. We have small city lakes, massive reservoirs, lagoons, salt-water lakes, excessive altitude lakes or even crater lakes in India. These waterbodies aren’t best the ecological balancers however additionally function visitor spots. While a few are an dwelling house of avifauna, the others are simply hangout spots. Many lakes also are given a holy repute as narrated through a few spiritual or mythological texts. Therefore, lakes have same importance in phrases of nature, records in addition to mythology in India.

Important lakes in Gujarat

Kankaria Lake

Once upon a time Kankaria Lake turned into used as bathing region of the Kings. Yes, it’s miles fifteenth century lake which turned into known as as Hauz e Qutb. Today, Kankaria Lake is one of the pinnacle visitor points of interest in Ahmedabad. In fact, it’s miles surrounded through points of interest like Kankaria Zoo, Dutch Tombs, Nagina Wadi (island), Kids City and so on.

Nal Sarovar

Nal Sarovar is a chook sanctuary that’s a domestic to resident in addition to migratory birds. Nal Sarovar Lake is located round 78km from Ahmedabad. It turned into declared as a sanctuary in 1969 and until these days it’s miles certainly considered one among the most important wetland chook sanctuaries in Gujarat.

Sursagar Lake

Sursagar Lake is one of the stunning points of interest in Vadodara. The serene vistas of the lake and the tall Shiva idol on the centre allures numerous visitors. Sursagar Lake is likewise known as as Chand Talao in Vadodara.

Thol Lake

Thol Lake is an ecotourism spot in Kalol of Gujarat. It is one of the famous chook sanctuaries in Gujarat. Thol Lake is an dwelling house for numerous birds species inclusive of a few endangered ones.

Hamirsar Lake

Hamirsar Lake is an synthetic lake which turned into created through the King Rao Hamir. It is the centre of appeal in Bhuj. Hamirsar Lake is one of the preferred hangout spots in Bhuj.

Narayan Sarovar

Narayan Sarovar is taken into consideration as one of the sacred lakes in Gujarat. Mythologically, it’s miles taken into consideration as one of the 5 holy lakes. Narayan Sarovar in Kutch district is surrounded through many temples and ancient places.

Gomti Lake

Gomti Lake is positioned at Dakor of Vadodara. According to the legend, Bhima of Mahabharata created a large lake out of a small pool to assist the villagers. It turned into named as Gomti Lake after the Gomti River in Dwarka.

Saputara Lake

Saputara Lake positioned withinside the hill station of Saputara is one of the well-known lakes in Gujarat. Saputara is one of the offbeat hill stations withinside the Western Ghats of Gujarat.

Sursagar Lake

Sursagar Lake additionally referred to as the Chand Talao is a lake located in center of the town of Vadodara withinside the State of Gujarat in India. The lake turned into rebuilt with stone masonry withinside the 18th Century. The water on this lake stays in it for the complete year. A concrete wall surrounds the lake on which the humans use to sit.

Most Beautiful Lakes In Gujarat
There are round one zero five lakes in Gujarat as of nowadays this consists of and made and herbal lakes.

Gujarat biggest Lake
Kankaria Lake is the biggest lake in Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat

How many lakes in Gujarat
There are around 105 lakes in Gujarat.

Thol Lake
Thol Lake is an synthetic lake close to Thol village in Kadi in Mehsana District withinside the Indian country of Gujarat. It turned into built as an irrigation tank in 1912. It is a sparkling water lake surrounded via way of means of marshes.

Kankaria Lake
Kankaria Lake is the second one biggest lake in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. It is placed withinside the south-japanese a part of the town, withinside the Maninagar area. It turned into finished in 1451 at some stage in the reign of Sultan Qutb-ud-Din Ahmad Shah II aleven though its beginning is located withinside the Chaulukya duration sometimes.

Largest artificial lake in Gujarat
Hamirsar Lake is a man made lake situated in the centre of Bhuj in Kutch dist, Gujarat .

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Frequently Asked Questions

1)Which is the great time to go to Gujarat?
The iciness season, that is among November and February, is the great time to go to Gujarat as you could anticipate the temperature to be fine for outside activities. If that isn’t always possible, then October too is an fun time to excursion Gujarat.

2)How a long way is Gujarat from Mumbai?
Gujarat is 394kms from Mumbai. The fastest flight is to Surat, with a view to more or less take you 1hr and 15mins.

3)Which airport serves as Gujarat`s important airport?
14 airports are in operation in Gujarat, the primary one being Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (AMD), 9kms from Ahmedabad.
4)Is Gujarat secure for girl travellers?
Yes, Gujarat could be very secure for girl travellers.

five)How many days are required for a holiday to Gujarat?
An 8-day lengthy holiday fits the splendour Gujarat has to offer. However, in case you are crunched for time, there are programs starting from a short 2 nights and three days to a slight five nights and six days.
6)What fairs are celebrated in Gujarat?
Gujarat is a land of festivities. Apart from the yearly cultural festival, Rann Utsav withinside the Rann of Kutch, and the grand Navratri celebrations throughout the state, Gujarat additionally hosts numerous festivals during the year.

9)Are Daman and Diu part of Gujarat?
No, Daman Diu are a union territory in western India. Gujarat stocks its border with the 2 regions.
10)Is ingesting prohibited in Gujarat?
Yes, Gujarat is a dry state. Alcohol is banned right here below The Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949.
11)Can I consume meat in Gujarat?
Gujarat is predominantly a vegetarian state. However, there are sure groups that put together dishes with meat and seafood.

12)Which are a number of the great locations to go to in Gujarat?
Some of the great traveller locations in Gujarat are Ahmedabad, Dwarka, Somnath, Gir, Junagadh, Patan, Rajkot, Bhuj, and the Rann of Kutch. In Gujarat, Dwarka, Somnath, Gir, and Rann of Kutch.

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