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The westernmost country of India, Gujarat, is domestic to a number of the maximum thrilling and particular places. From exploring the strains left in the back of from the Indus Valley civilization in Dholavira and Lothal to the spectacularly obtrusive white salt marshland of Rann of Kutch. However, the cascading waterfalls in Gujarat are nature`s present to the visitors.

Gira Waterfalls (Saputara)

Situated at a snug distance of five km from the metropolis at Waghai this extremely good looking, rustle waterfalls are set inside one of the vegetables masking in Gujarat. This waterfall obviously and marvelously into Ambica River and is open for visitation everywhere in the yr and also can effortlessly get into. There are some stalls placed across the waterfall in which the tribal artists promote their conventional arts and handicrafts. This waterfall in Gujarat is stated as Gira Dhodh that is one of the utmost famous waterfalls in Gujarat. Here you’ll be capable of eyewitness the would possibly and sheer splendor that panorama presents. This location may be reached through a jeep journey that is to be had for hire. Here you may spend an afternoon of picnics and taking baths in water, however keep away from taking baths all through the monsoon months while the water right here is extraordinarily harsh.

Things to do in Gira Waterfalls: You can go to Gira Waterfalls, View of Ambica river, Traditional art & craft Enjoy the round view with the island.
Ideal for: Group, Solo, Family, Couple
Ideal ride duration: 1 day
Weather: 19 °C
Location: Waghai, Gujarat 394730, India
Best Time to Visit Gira Waterfalls: June to January
How to attain Gira waterfalls: The nearest railway station to Gira Falls is Waghai, it’s miles Billimora in Gujarat that is the maximum appropriate start line to attain Gira Falls. Distance from Billimora Jn to Gira Falls is sixty five km and it takes most effective 1 hour and 22 mins to attain with the aid of using road.

Girmal Waterfalls (Girmal)

Often tangled with Gira waterfalls, Girmal waterfall is located near Subir, Ahwa. This waterfall is a relatively noiseless and a extra non violent choice for humans seeking to spend a while farfar from the mass. Believed for being the tallest waterfall in Gujarat this waterfall is placed deep in the dense inexperienced wild forests of Dang. One can see a number of the maximum captivating rainbows right here together with watching this magnificently falling water. The woodland branch has made ample viewpoints alongside its direction which bids a number of the maximum hypnotic perspectives of the fall. Security railings and roads are furnished for the convenience and protection of each visitor.

Things to do in Girmal Waterfalls: Nature & Parks, Waterfalls
Ideal for: Group, Solo, Family, Couple
Ideal ride duration: 1 day
Weather: 22 °C
Location: Girmal, Gujarat 394716, India
Best Time to Visit Girmal Waterfalls: July to December
How to attain Girmal Waterfalls: To attain the Girmar village first then pressure to the Girmal Falls. Girmar village is located 343 km farfar from Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The nearest educate station is Vapi.

Chimer Falls (Songadh)

This spell binding waterfall in Gujarat is likewise referred to as Chichkund Waterfall and positioned withinside the dense inexperienced wooded area backgrounds and quite hilly regions, It`s the best waterfall of Gujarat with a peak of 327 ft. It is in a dense wooded area .You may be had to cowl a quick on foot distance to attain it, which is, however, a rather fruitful attempt in view that you’ll be dealt with with a quiet environment. This fall has coped to stay farfar from the stimulating eyes of the vacationers that have allowed it to be a secreted gem of Gujarat. At a distance from the principle waterfall, there are 2 small and a couple of huge waterfalls withinside the equal place as well.

Things to do in Chimer Falls: Nature, wooded area, Parks, solitude Waterfalls
Ideal for: Group, Solo, Family, Couple
Ideal journey duration: 1 day
Weather: 18 °C
Location: Girmal, Gujarat 394716, India
Best Time to Visit Chimer Falls: June to August.
How to attain Chimer Falls: Chimer village close to Songadh in Dangs. It may be reached through Songadh.

Shiv Ghat (Ahwa)

Located at a distance of 10 km from Ahwa this simple-looking, the modest waterfall is positioned proper subsequent to a holy temple committed to Lord Shiva and is visited through numerous pilgrims and devotees seeking to provide their prayer right here. This explains why the waterfall is called so. The comfort of this waterfall is pretty smooth in view that it’s miles positioned proper at the Ahwa – Waghai road. After submission of your prayers to the temple positioned right here then you may dip your toes withinside the fall`s inspirational and chilling water pool that collects proper subsequent to the temple.

Things to do in Shiv Ghat: Nature, wooded area, Parks, solitude Waterfalls
Ideal for: Group, Solo, Family, Couple
Ideal journey duration: 1 day
Weather: 18 °C
Location: SH 174, Ghoghli, Gujarat 394710, India
Best Time to Visit Shiv Ghat: June to January
How to attain Shiv Ghat: By road: Dwarka is at the country motorway from Jamnagar to Dwarka. Direct buses to be had from Jamnagar and Ahmedabad.

Barda Waterfall (Chankhal, Ahwa)

Situated among the hilly terrain of the close by Dangs, Barda waterfall is understood for being one of the high-quality precise herbal waterfalls in Gujarat. The waterfalls through cowl 12 steps and may be reached after protecting a trekking distance of half-hour amidst the inexperienced woods. Being a retreat spot this waterfall does now no longer have any ingesting joints or stalls gift so it’s miles realistic in order to convey along side you a few nutrients gadgets or eatables if you are making plans on spending an afternoon the various herbal splendor and peace that this Place has to provide. If you’re a trekking devotee or a nature lover then a go to to this extraordinary waterfall is a superb option.

Things to do Barda Waterfall: Nature, woodland, Parks, solitude Waterfalls
Ideal for: Group, Solo, Family, Couple
Ideal experience period: 1 day
Weather: 18 °C
Location: Chankhal, Gujarat 394710, India
Best Time to Visit Barda Waterfall: June to January
How to attain Barda Waterfall: Chankhal is a village located at a distance of 10 km from Ahwa on Ahwa-Mahal street.Right flip from the Ahwa-Mahal street simply earlier than village Chankhal and a half-hour trek get you to q4 located amidst woods.

Zarwani Waterfall (Dediapada)

Located amidst, pointed, easy rocks of Shoolpaneshwar sanctuary, this remarkable waterfall is straightforward to get right of entry to and you may have an excellent and quiet time together along with your own circle of relatives and cherished ones here. This vicinity is likewise recognized for being a famous campsite amongst avid outside sports activities supporters and with the assist of the woodland branch you may additionally set up an afternoon picnic or treks. Here aside from the waterfall you may additionally pay a go to to the Shoolpaneshwar temple and Gheer Khadi.

Things to do Zarwani Waterfall: The Shoolpaneshwar Temple, Sardar Sarovar Dam, Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Samot Malsamot Eco Campsite
Ideal for: Group, Solo, Couple, Family
Ideal experience period: 1 day
Weather: 20 to 30 ranges
Location: Dhirkhadi, Gujarat 393155, India
Best Time to Visit Zarwani Waterfall: June to November
How to attain Zarwani Waterfall: By Rail: It must take approximately 2 hours and half-hour to attain Zarwani Waterfalls in case you are on the Vadodara Railway Station.

Are those waterfalls in Gujarat dangerous?
No, none of those waterfalls are dangerous or risky to anyone.
These waterfalls haven`t been noted as dangerous waterfalls with the aid of using catastrophe management. But someone must usually have precautions, observe the commands given with the aid of using guide body of workers and be conscious to keep away from any type of wrong.

Is there meals to be had round those Waterfalls?
Since maximum of those waterfalls aren’t very a long way from towns you may effortlessly discover meals or perhaps you dont discover meals as in step with your actual flavor so, Its usually higher to hold meals along side you.

Are those Waterfalls nicely maintained?
These are nicely-maintained waterfalls and someone does now no longer should fear approximately cleanliness and maintenance. Rest it’s miles usually recommended for the traveller to go away the vicinity because it changed into once they arrived.

Are those Waterfalls have polluted water?
No, as in step with the regulatory frame those waterfalls in Gujarat don`t have polluted water.

How many days are had to go to Gujarat?
Minimum 5 – 6 days to go to pinnacle locations in Gujarat.

What is the finances required to go to Gujarat?
Budget of Gujarat experience absolutely relies upon at the period and desire of inn you pick out in your live along side the form of automobile you like.

waterfall near vapi, gujarat
Bilpudi Waterfall, Dharampur, Valsad. Bilpudi, a village near Dharampur has waterfalls around 10 km from Dharampur.

Gujarat Waterfall list in gujarati
One can easily spend a day gazing at the gushing waterfalls

Highest waterfall in Gujarat is Girmal Waterfall

Waterfall in Ahmedabad
Zanzari Waterfall, Khuniya Mahadev Waterfall, Trambak Waterfall, Hathni Mata Waterfall

Best waterfall in Gujarat
Zanzari Waterfall, Khuniya Mahadev Waterfall, Trambak Waterfall, Hathni Mata Waterfall

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Frequently Asked Questions

1)Which is the great time to go to Gujarat?
The iciness season, that is among November and February, is the great time to go to Gujarat as you could anticipate the temperature to be fine for outside activities. If that isn’t always possible, then October too is an fun time to excursion Gujarat.

2)How a long way is Gujarat from Mumbai?
Gujarat is 394kms from Mumbai. The fastest flight is to Surat, with a view to more or less take you 1hr and 15mins.

3)Which airport serves as Gujarat`s important airport?
14 airports are in operation in Gujarat, the primary one being Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (AMD), 9kms from Ahmedabad.
4)Is Gujarat secure for girl travellers?
Yes, Gujarat could be very secure for girl travellers.

five)How many days are required for a holiday to Gujarat?
An 8-day lengthy holiday fits the splendour Gujarat has to offer. However, in case you are crunched for time, there are programs starting from a short 2 nights and three days to a slight five nights and six days.
6)What fairs are celebrated in Gujarat?
Gujarat is a land of festivities. Apart from the yearly cultural festival, Rann Utsav withinside the Rann of Kutch, and the grand Navratri celebrations throughout the state, Gujarat additionally hosts numerous festivals during the year.

9)Are Daman and Diu part of Gujarat?
No, Daman Diu are a union territory in western India. Gujarat stocks its border with the 2 regions.
10)Is ingesting prohibited in Gujarat?
Yes, Gujarat is a dry state. Alcohol is banned right here below The Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949.
11)Can I consume meat in Gujarat?
Gujarat is predominantly a vegetarian state. However, there are sure groups that put together dishes with meat and seafood.

12)Which are a number of the great locations to go to in Gujarat?
Some of the great traveller locations in Gujarat are Ahmedabad, Dwarka, Somnath, Gir, Junagadh, Patan, Rajkot, Bhuj, and the Rann of Kutch. In Gujarat, Dwarka, Somnath, Gir, and Rann of Kutch.

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