Gajlaxmi Palace


Gajlaxmi Palace

Gajlaxmi Palace, Dhenkanal

Gajlaxmi Palace

Under two hours’ drive from Cuttack will take you to this royal residence having a spot with the tops of the past Dhenkanal area. This rich and sumptuous homestay has been getting mind blowing audits from guests. Two rooms of the royal residence are at this point let out for visitors while meals are served in the commended parlor area. The celebrated home disregards the timberland and the association can assist you with analyzing the woodland ways or visit the waterhole. You can comparatively visit a piece of the old havens close by, purchase nearby made works and find concerning the gatherings who live here. The closest air terminal is Bhubaneswar, 80km away.

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Gajlaxmi Palace

A shiver runs down the spine as you stand in the sumptuous drawing room of Kumar Saheb Ranendra Pratap Singh Deo of Gaj Laxmi Rajbari of Dhenkanal. From a sumptuous glass parade the fearsome look of the Naranpatna man eating tiger overpowers you. Its entering eyes and sharp areas of teeth was the presence of death to eight three people it had killed and eaten preceding being put a couple of spot close to Kumar Saheb. That was in 1986 in the Koraput locale of Odisha.

Following a fourth of a century, a remarkable dab of destiny has brought a man-eating tiger back! Regardless, this time it is on celluloid. Sandip Ray and his film shooting unit has set base at Kumar Shaheb’s Gaj Laxmi Palace to shoot Satyajit Ray’s Royal Bengal Rahasya.

Romancing an old world appeal of impact in nature is what the future holds, minutes drive from Cuttack. It is a fantastic imperial home in Odisha grew way on Megha slant that pardons huge stretches of forest areas, saw occasionally by little towns. So thick is the forest area district that to a casual eye it is attempting to track down the imperial home from the street.

The view from the illustrious home is mind blowing. Besides it is spilling out finished with untamed life – birds, elephants, deer, civets, monkeys and wild pigs are in flood, while a clashing jaguar could appear.

Gajlaxmi Palace

Explore Heritage and Nature at Gajlaxmi Palace

Gajlaxmi Palace, Dhenkanal – Hotels / Restaurants

How to Gajlaxmi Palace

By Air

Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar Airport

By Train

Nearest Railway Stations is Dhenkanal

By Road

Nearest bus stand in Dhenkanal.


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