Narsinghpur Palace


narsinghpur palace

Narsinghpur Palace, Cuttack

narsinghpur palace

Narsinghpur State was one of the august provinces of India during the time of the British Raj. The state was established in the seventeenth century and had its capital in Narasinghpur town. The last leader of Narsinghpur joined the state to the Indian Union in 1948 and Narsinghpur state was made piece of the Cuttack area of, Odisha.

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Narsinghpur Palace

The state was bound in the north by a forested mountain range which denoted the boundary with Hindol State and Angul District; in the east it was limited by Baramba State & in the south & southwest by the Mahanadi River.

As indicated by legends, Narsinghpur was established in the thirteenth century by two strong Khond bosses named Narsingh and Poro, the state being named after the previous, were crushed by a clan leader Dharma Singh. Albeit generally no records or farmans exist during the period of both Mughal and Maratha Empires. Ultimately it was under the Puri Gajapati raja under whom it was a feudatory express, that the nearby boss got the title Harichandan Mahapatra.

narsinghpur palace

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How to Reach Narsinghpur Palace

By Air

Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar Airport

By Train

Nearest Railway Stations is Nayagarh and Anugul

By Road

Nearest bus stand in Narsinghpur.


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