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Ever notion in which you may take your wanderers coronary heart after soothing your soul with the Exotic flora and fauna and captivating wasteland of Kaziranga National Park? Its apparent for a traveler`s coronary heart to concentrate to the decision of his or her wanderer soul and head to new locations to make soulful memories. It is precisely what the tourists do whilst they’re in Kaziranga National Park. The excellent flora and fauna and soothing nature of Kaziranga is one of the quality matters you may enjoy in Assam however the locations close to it aren’t much less than heaven for a traveler. There are a number of the maximum lovely visitor sights close to Kaziranga National Park so that it will compel you to say – “Magic in each moment”.
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  • Kaziranga National Park location 2022 Kaziranga National Park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site considering the fact that 1985. Every year, the Brahmaputra eats away on the Park`s land. As a result, the park’s professional location is 1,030 rectangular kilometres, however it’s miles virtually 884 rectangular kilometres.
  • Kaziranga National Park Project
  • Kaziranga is a large expanse of tall elephant grass, marshland, and dense tropical wet broadleaf forests, criss-crossed with the aid of using 4 fundamental rivers
  • About Kaziranga National Park Kaziranga National Park is a covered location withinside the northeast Indian nation of Assam. Spread throughout the floodplains of the Brahmaputra River, its forests, wetlands and grasslands are domestic to tigers, elephants and the world`s biggest populace of Indian one-horned rhinoceroses
  • Kaziranga National Park is well-known for Kaziranga is appeared as one of the greatest natural world refuges withinside the world. The park’s contribution in saving the Indian one-horned rhinoceros from the threshold of extinction on the flip of the 20 th century to harbouring the unmarried biggest populace of this species is a stunning conservation achievement.
  • Animals observed in Kaziranga National Park The One-Horned rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger, Asian elephant, wild water buffalo and swamp deer are together regarded as ‘Big Five’ of Kaziranga. Kaziranga is one of the few wild breeding regions outdoor Africa for a couple of species of big cats, which includes Bengal tigers and Indian leopard.
  • Kaziranga natural world Sanctuary The Kaziranga Game Sanctuary became renamed the “Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary” in 1950 with the aid of using P. D. Stracey, the wooded area conservationist, which will rid the call of looking connotations. In 1954, the authorities of Assam handed the Assam (Rhinoceros) Bill, which imposed heavy consequences for rhinoceros poaching.

WHY VISIT Kaziranga?

The hillock withinside the serene banks of River Brahmaputra is a witness to the mythical romance of Asura King Banas daughter Princess Usha and Aniruddha, the grandson of Lord Krishna. She changed into stored in this hillock surrounded via way of means of fire, that is the purpose this area is called Agnigarh. King Bana captured Aniruddha and threw him right into a prison. It changed into Lord Krishna who received the fierce struggle towards King Bana and best after that they were given married and lived happily. Isnt it filmy?
But it`s thrilling to recognize how the god of love, Lord Krishna united the loving couple. Every area has a few memories connected to it. Agnigarh is one such area in which this mythical story nonetheless echoes to draw the vacationers. It is one of the maximum famous visitor sights to go to close to Kaziranga National Park. From the hillock you may witness beautiful perspectives of scenic Brahmaputra River and Tezpur. It is now advanced right into a park via way of means of Assam Tourism Development Corporation.

Bamuni Hills
Artistic and magnificent, the ruins of Bamuni Hills are one of the quality locations to look close to Kaziranga National Park. It is located close to the scenic Brahmaputra River. The mind- boggling sculptural ruins and stone carvings right here are a sight to behold and seize on your lens. It dates returned to the ninth to twelfth century AD.

According to the Archaeological Survey of India they have been constructed all through the Gupta Period. Locals say that the ruins may have belonged to a temple dedicated to lord Vishnu. A go to to look the glimpses of those ruins might take you returned to historical instances.

The geometric and floral designs of the ruins of pillars and partitions suggests wonderful creative capabilities of sculptors of that time. Why is it in ruins? We will now no longer fill the space via way of means of telling you the whole story. You have to head to Bamuni Hills to meet your interest and enjoy its ancient charm.

Famed as the City of Temples and the Light of East, Guwahati is a have to now no longer omit visitor vacation spot close to Kaziranga National Park. If you go to Guwahati, it’s going to provide you with the actual sense of Northeast India. Situated withinside the south banks of Brahmaputra River, it’s far an area that is dipped in spirituality as severa temples decorate its landscape. Gorgeous waterways, special flowers and fauna, colourful gala’s and gala’s and dense forests teeming with extraordinary flora and fauna makes Guwahati one of the maximum famous visitor locations in Assam visited via way of means of the vacationers from all around the world.

Negheriting Shiva Temple
Negheriting Shiva Temple is one of the maximum famous visitor sights close to Kaziranga National Park. Built on a pinnacle of a hillock in Golaghat District, it’s far an wonderful landmark constructed via way of means of Kachari rulers in eighth -ninth century AD. It is devoted to Lord Shiva. The maximum thrilling delusion approximately this temple is that it changed into constructed with the stones determined at the banks of river Dihing however herbal calamities destroyed it. Its stays are nonetheless determined in a woodland of Gjapenemara. In the yr 1687 the temple changed into reconstructed via way of means of Ahom King – Rajeswar Singha. The temple changed into once more destroyed and a devotee determined the ruins of the temple beneathneath river Dihing. Later it changed into once more reconstructed via way of means of Rajeswar Singha. This temple is surrounded via way of means of four different temples of Vishnu, Durga, Ganesh and Surya.

Deopahar Ruins
Covered with forests all round, Deopahar is a have to go to visitor enchantment to go to close to Kaziranga National Park. As in step with the parable it changed into part of Jarasandha Kingdom of historical Assam. Now a reserve woodland, it’s far one of the quality visitor sights close to Kaziranga National Park. Various timber and vegetation of medicinal significance are determined right here. It`s an archeological wreck belonging to Lord Shiva Temple and Lakhowgart citadel which dates returned to eighth to ninth century. If you’re making plans to discover the locations close to Kaziranga you then definately have to go to Deopahar Ruins.

Uncle Robins Children Museum The predominant street of the Golaghat Town has an extraordinary museum named Uncle Robins Children Museum. Dedicated to children`s, it’s far one of the quality visitor locations withinside the listing of pinnacle visitor sights in Assam. The museum showcases the existence and instances of a famend naturalist Dr Robin Banerjee. Personal collections, artifacts, dolls, art work associated with flora and fauna will provide you with a beneficial perception approximately this superb personality. There are round ninety three artifacts which might be preserved right here, the maximum extremely good amongst them are turquoise horse and headhunting basket belonging to Naga Warrior. The middle of enchantment is the gathering of approx. 587 distinct styles of dolls to trap children.

Garampani is part of the oldest Wildlife Sanctuary – Garampani. It is positioned in Karbi Anglong. It may be very famous for its warm water springs – Garampani which actually means – Garam – Hot and Pani – Water. Apart from that you’ll witness and concentrate to the soul desirable chirping of a few uncommon birds like Red Jungle fowls, inexperienced pigeon, black hooded oriole etc., make a few wild pals like fantastic Hoolock Gibbons, Golden Langurs, Leopard, Jungle cat, Barking deer, Asian Elephant, Civet Indian fox, Elephant and lots of different wild creatures. Beautiful timber of Holokh, Hollong, Poma and Hilikha etc. will even pleasure your eyes for photography. Located close to Kaziranga National Park, it’s far one of the need to go to vacationer sights for an fantastic flora and fauna recognizing in Assam.

Addabarie Tea Estate
Addabarie Tea State is the first-rate vicinity to go to close to Kaziranga National Park. Why? Visiting right here will take you to a utopian international in which you may live in bliss forever. It changed into installed through the British Assam Tea Company in 1864. It is unfold over 22 acres close to Tezpur withinside the midst of Balipara division. Its tea gardens are a lovely sight to behold for a nature lover.
Apart from that you may go to Wild Mahseer. It`s the maximum lovely history bungalow you’ve got got ever visible for your lifetime. While you experience your live at wild Mahseer, you may make a few excellent recollections through doing Elephant Trek to be able to lead you to an super Tea Party. You will stumble upon many nearby villages, dried up riverbeds, lovely brooks and fantastic tea gardens. The greenery all round will raise your journey enjoy to a distinct level. It is certainly one of the first-rate locations close to Kaziranga National Park. In fact, it’s far a of completion of Assam Tourism.

Kakochang Waterfalls
Kakochang Waterfalls is one of the first-rate locations to spend a few pleasant time together along with your cherished ones. Away from the chaos of the international, withinside the lap of nature, the glide of water will please your heart. Stunning espresso and rubber plantations withinside the historical past have a calming vibe to be able to rejuvenate and revive your toil- weary soul. From Bokakhat you need to trek 4km to attain right here. The mesmerizing perspectives of the water which flows from the peak of forty m right into a crystal pool can be etched into your reminiscence forever. October to March is the first-rate time to embody the splendor of this waterfall. This is certainly one of the pinnacle vacationer locations to go to close to Kaziranga National Park.

Religious Destinations to go to close to Kaziranga National Park
Kako Gosani Than- Located withinside the west of Bokhaghat, the temple is devoted to Goddess Durga. Durga Puja and Basanti Puja are celebrated right here with a extremely good pomp and show.

Nearest Attraction Kaziranga, Assam


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