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Badami Rock Climbing: Rock Climbing is a must-attempt journey interest whilst journeying Badami. Badami gives numerous mountain climbing routes hidden in among diverse cliffs and may be tried through each amateurs and experts. The sandstone cliffs of Badami are very best for mountaineering and the vicinity is frequently stated as “Mecca of Rock Climbing”. Free mountain climbing, rappelling and bouldering are famous activities.
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Badami Rock Climbing: Rock Climbing is a must-attempt journey interest whilst journeying Badami. Badami gives numerous mountain climbing routes hidden in among diverse cliffs and may be tried through each amateurs and experts. The sandstone cliffs of Badami are very best for mountaineering and the vicinity is frequently stated as “Mecca of Rock Climbing”. Free mountain climbing, rappelling and bouldering are famous activities.
Badami Photography Tours: Badami additionally draws pictures fans due to lovely landscapes with cave temples and forts withinside the backdrop of Agastya Lake. Private groups arrange panorama pictures excursions and workshops at Badami.

Heritage Sites

Pattadakallu: Located at the banks of the Malaprabha River, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a testomony to the richness of Chalukyan structure throughout the seventh and eighth centuries and is famend for its intricately chiselled temples. The temples undergo testimony to the richness and undying splendour of the Chalukyan structure. It has a cluster of 10 fundamental temples, which show off a few hanging architectural features. The world-well-known geographer Ptolemy (one hundred fifty AD) has documented the city as “Perti gal”. It become even used because the ceremonial centre wherein kings had been topped and commemorated. Pattadakal has temple structure from Dravidian, Aryan and a aggregate of each patterns in its temple complex; possibly making it the best one in every of its type in India. There is a sculpture gallery maintained through Archeological Survey of India in the Pattadakal temple complex.

Badami Cave Temples: 23 km from Pattadakal is Badami that occupies an critical region withinside the history records of Karnataka. Badami is picturesquely nestled on the mouth of a ravine among rocky hills. The incredible sculptures and sandstone cliffs of Badami bring on many a story from the yesteryears. Four rock-reduce caves embellished with historic carved pillars and bracket figures reduce out of pink sandstone is only a flight of steps away. The caves neglect the Agastya Theertha Tank, its banks dotted with a collection of Bhoothanatha temples. The caves are fine visible at sundown whilst the nighttime solar captures the rust-pink tint of the sandstone.

Aihole: Heralded because the cradle of Hindu/ Dravidian temple structure, Aihole is a tranquil village at the banks of Malaprabha River. Hundreds of temples constructed in 4th Century AD, pepper the villages and fields nearby. The maximum noteworthy amongst them is the Durga Temple composed of a semicircular apse, an expanded plinth and a gallery encircling the sanctum. The Lad Khan Temple is one of the earliest temples withinside the vicinity and become to start with a royal meeting corridor and marriage mantapa. It become the selected dwelling house of the Muslim leader Lad Khan. Other fundamental sights withinside the location are the Huchimalli Temple with a sculpture of Lord Vishnu sitting atop a cobra, the Ravalphadi Cave Temple which celebrates the diverse incarnations of Lord Shiva, the Konti Temple Complex, the Umamaheswari Temple, the Jain Meguti Temple, and the 2-storied Buddhist temple.
Ravana Phadi Cave: Ravanaphadi is a sixth-century rock-reduce cave temple in Aihole housing Shiva and Parvathi. Ravanaphadi is set a km from Durga temple complex. Extensive paintings providing Shiva, Parvathi, Ganesha and Vishnu may be visible in the cave.
Mahakoota Temples: Mahakoota is a temple city in Bagalkot district of Karnataka, 6 km from Badami cave temples. Mahakoota organization of temples had been constructed among sixth and eighth century AD, throughout the guideline of thumb of Chalukya Kingdom of Badami.Surrounded through hills, the Mahakuta organization of temples is an critical region of worship for Hindus and is the region of a famous Shaiva monastery.There are on the whole 2 temples right here with the sacred temple tank Vishu Pushkarni' positioned among them. The older of the 2 is Mahakuteshwara Temple committed to Lord Shiva with many smaller shrines surrounding it. In the center of the Vishnu Pushkarni tank, is a pavilion wherein a Shiva linga with four faces may be visible. The Mallikarjuna Temple has finely chiselled carvings depicting Hindu gods and goddesses surrounded through different smaller shrines. Jamakhandi: Popular for Patvardhans Palace, Jambukeshwara Temple, Kadapatti Basaveshwara temple and Tripura Sundari temple. Several Kalyana Chalukya technology monuments are determined in Jamakhandi
Kulahalli: A village recognized for pre-anciental artistic endeavors
Karadi: Said to be the capital of Nanda Empire, receives its call from a Basavanna temple that is stated to have the form of a undergo (Karadi). Karadi additionally has an antique citadelress and an Ishwara temple.
Terdal: Has stays of an historic citadelress and historic artifacts. Terdal become a main business city throughout the eleventh and twelfth

Religious Places

Banashankari: Taking its call from Goddess Banashankari, it’s far a old fashioned hamlet en direction to Badami. A temple committed to Goddess Banashankari, constructed withinside the Dravidian fashion of structure, bureaucracy the principle appeal right here. The idol on this temple depicts Goddess Banashankari, seated on a snarling lion. An incarnation of Goddess Parvathi, she is particularly respected through the nearby weaver community.
Shivayogi Mandira: Shivayogi Mandira is a religious centre positioned at the banks of River Malaprabha close to Badami, Shivayogi Mandira is an area with religious significance positioned at the banks of the Malaprabha River close to Badami, Bagalkote district.


Yadahalli Chinkara Wildlife Sanctuary: Yadahalli Chinkara Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the committed sanctuaries for Chinkaras, a completely shy and elusive antelope. Yadahalli Chinkara Wildlife Sanctuary is positioned in Bilagi and Mudhol stages of Bagalkote Forest Division. The plant life is usually deciduous and scrubs jungle in maximum of the places. The foremost reason of this sanctuary is to protect, propagate and expand the Chinkara (Indian Gazelle) and different natural world in its environment.

Tourist Attractions

Kudala Sangama(fifty one km): located on the confluence of the rivers Krishna and Malaprabha, this pilgrim centre is related to the terrific twelfth century poet and reformer Basaveshwara. The Aikya Mantapa or the holy Samadhi of Basavanna, the founding father of the Lingayat sect of Hindu faith along side a Linga, which is thought to be self-born (Swayambhu), is here. Kudala Sangama is likewise famed for its Chalukyan-fashion Sangameshwara Temple in which it’s miles believed that Basavanna had worshipped Lord Shiva here.Basavana Bagedwadi, 30km from Kudala Sangama, is a famous pilgrim centre and the birthplace of Basaveshwara.

Almatti Dam (forty five km): The Almatti Dam is a hydroelectric venture at the Krishna River and is positioned on the threshold of Vijayapura and Bagalkote districts. Though the water is diverted for irrigation projects, it additionally performs host to many enjoyment sports like boating, musical fountain rock lawn and so on
Lakkundi (one hundred and five km): Lakkundi is a modest village located 12 km southeast of Gadag. This sedate village is peppered with over 50 lovely temples, one hundred stepped wells and lots of inscriptions relationship again to the Kalyana Chalukya period. The Kashi Vishwanatha Temple is the maximum intricately designed and poses a stunning structure. The Jain Temple committed to Lord Mahavira is certainly considered one among the most important and oldest shrines withinside the area.

Lakkundi is thought for its steep wells built with artistically located canopied niches on its partitions that enshrine Lingas. A sculpture gallery maintained via way of means of the Archaeological Survey of India is likewise a first-rate appeal here.

Navanagar Museum: Navanagar Museum is constructed withinside the Cultural Complex of Navanagar and portrays the lifestyles, artforms and lifestyle of North Karnataka. Navanagar museum has a group of artefacts and different gadgets of artistic, cultural and historic importance. Here you may locate life-style reveals in which you may see village humans celebrating with their peoples dances, gambling musical instruments, conventional houses and the like. All those rural scenes are designed with terrific interest to detail.

Elite Vintage Winery: Elite Vintage Winery is one of the famous wine production centers positioned on Jamakhandi road, Mudhol, Bagalkot district. Elite Vintage Winery isn’t always organizing guided excursions for site visitors at present.

Bilgi: Popular for vintage ponds and well, 30 kms north of Bagalkote. Bilgi is likewise domestic to numerous small shrines and mosques relationship again to Adil Shahi times, Siddeshwara temple and Dargah of Hasan Dongri being main ones.

Mudhol Hound: The Mudhol Hound, additionally referred to as Caravan Hound, receives its call from the small city of Mudhol in Bagalkote district. This breed changed into delivered via way of means of buyers from Central Asia, who travelled in caravans with the puppies accompanying them; for this reason the call Caravan Hound. The erstwhile Maharaja of Mudhol, it’s miles believed, supplied King George V a couple of hounds, which popularized this breed. More recently, this lean but sturdy-searching canine has determined attractiveness withinside the Indian Armed Forces for its obedience, intelligence, and robust sniffing capacity to look for explosives and drugs.

Rabkavi-Banahatti: The dual cities are famous for the handloom enterprise and temples of Kadasiddeshwara, Mallikarjuna, Danammadevi and Shankaralinga.
Chikka Sangama: Place in which rivers Krishna and Ghataprabha merge, additionally domestic to Sangamanath temple with stunning architecture.
Ilkal sarees: The Ilkal sarees take its call from a old fashioned little village in Bagalkote district which additionally has the celebrated Geographical Indication (GI) tag. These sarees are well-known round the arena for his or her precise weaving method – cotton for the body, artwork silk for the border, and artwork silk once more for the pallav, which might be then joined collectively with a sequence of loops. The customers of those hand-crafted sarees encompass celebrities and political figures.
Art & Festivals
Pattadakallu Dance Festival: Pattadakallu Dance competition is held each 12 months beneathneath the sponsorship of Govt of Karnataka. Invited dancers exhibit their skills withinside the backdrop of well-known temples of Pattadakal to the pleasure of spectators.

Chalukya Utsava: Chalukya Utsava (competition) is an annual cultural and history competition held in anciental towns of Badami and Aihole in north Karnataka. Chalukya Utsava is well known as a or three-day event, commonly early February. While the precise agenda varies every 12 months, customary highlights of Chalukya competition are given below. Chalukya Festival offers ideal excuse to go to Badami and Aihole, discover historical cave temples and anciental webweb sites at the same time as witnessing numerous cultural extravaganzas placed forth via way of means of gifted performers

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