Congress Well: Belgaum changed into selected because the venue of the thirty ninth consultation of Indian National Congress (INC) in December 1924 beneathneath the President deliver of Mahatma Gandhiji. Notably, this changed into the simplest consultation of the INC that changed into presided over through the Gandhiji himself and the simplest consultation held in Karnataka. The consultation left some other landmark withinside the metropolis withinside the shape of the “Congress well” which changed into supply of presenting water to the numerous delegates who grew to become up to wait the 1924 consultation.
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WHY VISIT Belagavi?

Tourist Attractions

Congress Well: Belgaum changed into selected because the venue of the thirty ninth consultation of Indian National Congress (INC) in December 1924 beneathneath the President deliver of Mahatma Gandhiji. Notably, this changed into the simplest consultation of the INC that changed into presided over through the Gandhiji himself and the simplest consultation held in Karnataka. The consultation left some other landmark withinside the metropolis withinside the shape of the “Congress well” which changed into supply of presenting water to the numerous delegates who grew to become up to wait the 1924 consultation.
Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary: Located in Gokak taluk, this sanctuary is in a place approximately 29 sq km and is enclosed through the Ghataprabha River. This sanctuary has many migratory winged visitors; the greater famed ones consist of the Demoiselle Crane and European White Stork. The perfect time for chook lovers might be November to March as it’s far the nesting season for a lot of those birds.

Gokak Falls: Gokak Falls is 6 km farfar from Gokak city and receives its call from the Goki bushes discovered in abundance in those areas. It resembles the Niagara Falls because of its capabilities just like the fall, form etc. Here, River Ghataprabha takes a bounce of fifty two metres over the sand-stone cliff amidst a picturesque gorge of the rugged valley, creating a lovely sight. This area has the credit score of producing energy for the primary time withinside the united states in approximately 1887. A top appeal of the Gokak Falls is the putting two hundred-m-lengthy bridge that lies 14 m above the bedrock. Tourists also can go to monuments on each aspects of the rocky gorge which consist of temples of Goddess Durga, Lord Shanmukha and Lord Mahalingeshwara constructed withinside the conventional Chalukyan fashion of architecture.

Malaprabha Dam: Malaprabha dam, additionally referred to as Navilutheertha dam is Karnataka`s shortest dam (simplest approximately forty meters huge and simplest 4 gates) and traveller appeal in Belagavi district. Malaprabha dam gives ingesting water to close by cities consisting of Belagavi and Dharawada.
Godachinamalki Falls: Located round 15 km farfar from Gokak is the lovely Godachinmalki Falls, additionally referred to as Markandeya Falls, as it’s far placed withinside the Markandeya River. The Falls is genuinely placed in a rugged valley, approachable from Godachinmalki village through strolling thru an abnormal woodland course for approximately 2.five km. The Markandeya takes a primary bounce from a top of approximately 25 metres and flows right into a rocky valley and after a quick distance from right here it takes a 2nd bounce from a top of approximately 18 metres. Later, it joins the Ghataprabha River. June to September is the best time to go to this Falls in all its glory.

Navilutirtha: Navilutirtha placed in Saundatti is a low valley located in among the 2 hills, is a captivating area. Long ago, it’s far informed that the area changed into complete of peacocks, often flocking the Malaprabha basin. And thus, the area changed into named Navilutirtha. Presently, the area has a dam constructed throughout the Malaprabha which changed into finished in 1975 developing the Renuka Sagar reservoir.
Dhupdal: Dhupdal is a famous dam in Belagavi district, near Gokak falls. Dhupdal is seventy two kms from Belagavi metropolis and eight kms from Gokak Falls.
Barapede Caves: Natural caves referred to as breeding location for bats, placed close to Bhimgad.
Rakaskop: Rakaskop is round 15 km from Belagavi and it actually manner a hamlet of a rakkasa (giant), who’s said to have lived on a hillock close to this village. A laterite cave at the hillock resembles a large seated human discern which is assumed to be the rakkasa. Here a dam is constructed throughout the Markandeya River which materials ingesting water to Belagavi. The reservoir is seen from this hillock, which be reached through mountaineering steps at the back of the reservoir. A panoramic view of the reservoir and a beautiful view of surrounding village panorama may be had from this hillock.
Gokak Toys: In Gokak, nearby artisans create vivid and colourful timber toys specially withinside the shape of fruits, vegetables, animals and birds. This craft is assumed to be as a minimum two hundred years old. Here, the toys are made the use of a specialized gentle form of wooden typically hariwala, polki, and hale wooden.


Sada Falls Trek: Sada waterfall is a mystic, offbeat waterfall deep withinside the forests of Western Ghats, at the Karnataka-Goa border. A guided trek to Sada Falls is a extraordinarily advocated pastime in Belagavi district. While street community is to be had until Sada village, the previous few kms until Sada waterfall want to be included on foot. Trekking distance may want to range among eight to 18 kms relying on start line and path used. Sada Falls trek is medium to excessive complexity trek concerning crossing of streams, negotiating boulders and probable struggling with the leeches (for the duration of monsoon season). Sada waterfall is two hundred meters tall and gives breathtaking perspectives in among large hills.
Vajrapoha Falls: Located 23 kms from Khanapur internal Jamboti woodland, available through trekking.
Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary: Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary is placed in Khanapur taluk and is unfold over a place of round one hundred ninety sq km. This sanctuary is understood for the Barapede caves, the simplest recognised breeding location of the Wroughton`s Free-tailed Bat, a threatened species at the verge of extinction.

Belgaum Golf Course: Located close by to Bhimgad Adventure Camp, a belongings of the state-run Jungle Lodges & Resorts, the Belgaum Golf Course is possibly the simplest direction to be had to the general public withinside the North Karnataka region. The Golf Course and Club

Heritage Sites

Belagavi Fort: It is an historic pre-muslim monument wherein temples and mosques co-exist in best harmony, aleven though now no longer a great deal of the authentic shape stays. The citadelress become believed to be constructed withinside the twelfth century AD through the neighborhood Ratta rulers. It become renovated and constructed on through successive rulers who dominated Belagavi from time-to-time. At the very entrance, you’ll discover shrines; one devoted to Lord Ganpati and the alternative to Goddess Durga. A Mahishamardini and 4 Matrika statues also are seen. Safa Masjid is one of the mosques in the citadelress and is one of the greatest withinside the city. The minars, domes and arches factor to a standard fusion of Indo-Saracenic and Deccan forms of the structure.

Kitturu: Located at the Pune-Bangalore Highway approximately 50 km from Belagavi and 32 km from Dharwad, the tiny metropolis of Kittur with its palace, forts and horse tongas (rickshaws) inspires the glories of a bygone technology. Kittur, a small metropolis in Belagavi, become the beginning location of Rani Chennamma, a courageous ruler who led one of the first freedom struggles of India in opposition to the British forces. Today, the location has the stays of the anciental citadelress which homes the Kittur Palace, a quality specimen of the Peshwa-Islamic fashion of structure an archaeological museum this is replete with antiques and historic relics like stone idols, art work, idols of deities, weaponry etc. depicting the records of the location. The citadelress stands as testimony to the exceptional freedom warfare led through Rani Chennamma.

Rajahansagad: Rajahansagad is an historic citadelress 20 kms south of Belagavi. The Rajahansagad citadelress is ready one thousand meters above sea stage and gives an high-quality view of the surrounding. The village is likewise known as Yellurgad and is domestic to a couple of temples along with temples of Kalmeshwara, Lakshmi, Dattatreya, Parameshwara and Changaleshwari.
Halasi:The erstwhile capital of the Kadamba dynasty, Halasi is thought for the Bhuvaraha Laxmi Narasimha Temple. Built all through the fifth century AD, the temple stands as a quality specimen of the Kadamba fashion of structure. The temple complicated is surrounded through a stone wall and has arched doorways on all its 4 sides. The important temple`s pyramidical shikhara has been constructed withinside the Kadamba fashion of structure and its pinnacle is decorated with a kalash.

There are sanctum sanctorum withinside the temple. The first one homes a 4-foot-tall idol of Lord Vishnu in a sitting posture. Just at the back of the principle idol are the idols of Lord Suryanarayana and Goddess Mahalakshmi. The 2d sanctorum homes an idol of Lord Bhuvaraha Swamy. Other vital temples right here encompass shrines devoted to Lord Gokarneshwara, Lord Kapileshwara, Lord Swarneshwara and Lord Hatakeshwara.

Bhimgad Fort: Historical ruins of Bhimgad Fort are placed in the Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary. Bhimgad Fort become constructed through Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj all through the seventeenth century and provided protection in opposition to Portuguese navy that occupied Goa. Bhimgad citadelress has sparkling water ponds, canons and massive partitions which can be fairly intact

Torgal: Known for its inscriptions from Vijayanagara technology and Adil Shahi technology. Bhutanatha temple complicated has temples going through every other.
Saptasagar: A pre-anciental webweb page wherein seven sages have been stated to have executed Yajna. An historic Shiva temple, Hanuman temple and Lakkava temples may be visited in Saptasagar. A personal plantation in Saptasagar with birds and animals is famous as a picnic spot.
Parasgad Fort: This citadelress is located withinside the village of Saundatti. A street main to the famed Yellamma Temple passes close by the citadelress. This rugged rocky citadelress, stands at the southwest area overlooking the black soil undeniable down below. Atop the hill-citadelress is a small ruined shrine of Lord Hanuman. The citadelress is uninhabited and is in a broken situation with stays of antique homes and has a deep gorge in between. Nearby, is a tank 30 metres lengthy and 6 metres huge that is known as Ramteertha. Here in a cave are statues of Jamadagni, Parashurama, Rama, Seeta and a Shivalinga and Nandi.

Nippani: Worth touring for exciting work of art at Nippani Wada and numerous temples.
Belwadi: Has stays of a citadelress and palace, as soon as dominated through Belwadi Mallamma.

Religious Places

St Mary`s Church, Belagavi:St Mary’s Church become constructed in 1869. It become consecrated through the then Governor of the Bombay Presidency and is constructed withinside the Gothic Style. Rev Francis Gell is assumed to have designed the building. This implementing stone church of the Anglicans has quality piers withinside the prayer corridor and suitable stained glasses at its doorways and windows. The altar is constructed with teak and marble and is towered through a really stunning stained-glass university which depicts the lifestyles of Jesus from beginning to resurrection in 12 frames.

Kapileshwara Temple: Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Kapileshwara Temple is stated to be one of the oldest temples in Belagavi. The garbhagriha has a flat Peetha with a Shivalinga with free sculptures of Mahishamardini and a dwarapalaka. A massive corridor earlier than it has art work on Puranic subject matters on its partitions. Within the precincts of the temple in a mantapa is an photograph of Kalabhairava. A Ganapati shrine of the Peshwa instances is likewise beside the mantapa. The annual jatra is held all through Mahashivratri that draws heaps of devotees whilst the palanquin procession is taken out.

Nearest Attraction Belagavi, Karnataka


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