Belavadi (30 km): Home to the well-known Thrikutachala (3 shrined) Temple, Belavadi is an outstanding instance of Hoysala structure and is one in all the most important temples constructed via way of means of the Hoysala kings.
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WHY VISIT Chikkamagaluru?

Heritage Sites

Belavadi (30 km): Home to the well-known Thrikutachala (3 shrined) Temple, Belavadi is an outstanding instance of Hoysala structure and is one in all the most important temples constructed via way of means of the Hoysala kings.
Angadi: The authentic domestic of Hoysala rulers earlier than their empire rose to its top in South India, Angadi village has approximately six temples really well worth exploring.
Ballalarayana Durga (70 km): This is a hill castle in Chikkamagaluru this is located among the cities of Kottegehara and Kalasa. and had been built at some stage in the twelfth century. It boasts of a wealthy records and cultural importance and vantage factor gives a number of the first-class panoramic perspectives of the Western Ghats. It is a chief traveler vacation spot as a hiking vacation spot.

Nature & Wildlife

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary (seventy eight km): Popularly referred to as Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary, the sanctuary takes its call from the Bhadra River. Famous for tigers, it’s far a high-quality location to sight and take a look at different mammals, reptiles and extra than 250 species of birds as properly. The country run Jungle Lodges & Resorts runs the River Tern Lodge placed on a hillock on the brink of the the Bhadra reservoir, that is close to Lakkavali.
Muthodi Game Sanctuary: Muthodi is a natural world sanctuary 38 kms from Chikkamagaluru. Muthodi become firstly targeted as Jagara Valley Game Reserve in 1951. Visitors can adopt safari in Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary.
Kuduremukh National Park: The Kudremukha Range has were given its call from the precise form of its most important top. The extensive hills forget the Arabian Sea and are chained to each other via way of means of deep valleys and steep precipices. Kudremukha is a trekker`s paradise, it lets in trekkers to undergo the wonderland of lush inexperienced forests interspersed with rivers, and grassy slopes.

Hill Station

Mullayyanagiri Peak (25 km): Mullayyanagiri top is the very best top in Karnataka with a peak of 6317 toes and is seemed as the very best top among Himalayas and Nilgiris. It is one of the first-class treks in Karnataka and famous most of the trekkers .
Kemmanagundi(fifty five km): This stunning hill station of Kemmanagundi is placed at a peak of 1434m above sea stage and blessed with silver cascades, mountain streams and luxurious vegetation. The location gives a dazzling sundown view.


Manikyadhara Falls: Manikyadhara is a famous waterfall in Bababudangiri hills of Chikkamagaluru district. Manikyadhara interprets to flow of pearls. When daylight falls on Manikyadhara, water droplets appear to be glowing pearls. Most pilgrims journeying Bababudangiri shrines make certain additionally they go to Manikyadhara falls and keep in mind the water holy. Accessing Manikyadhara waterfalls entails getting down 200+ steps. The view of the Western Ghats from Manikyadhara waterfalls vicinity is captivating. Watchtowers and resting regions are to be had alongside the steps. Locals promote herbs and meals products. Height of Manikyadhara falls is 30 toes.
Sirimane Falls:Sirimane waterfalls is at distance of 15 kms from Sringeri Sharamba temple. The street to the falls passes thru Kigga village that is well-known for Rishyashringa temple. The street connectivity is right and there may be marking all of the manner to the falls. This is one of the without problems handy waterfalls of this location because it calls for someone to descent some properly laid steps to attain close to the waterfalls.
Jhari Falls: Jhari waterfall is one of the maximum famous waterfalls in Chikkamagaluru district. Jhari waterfall is frequently visited along side Mullayanagiri and Baba Budan Giri. Water originating withinside the mountains flows over steep rocks providing a extensive and skinny white layer of dazzling waterfall. Also referred to as Buttermilk Falls, Jhari Falls wishes to be accessed thru 4×4 jeep journey for the final five kms.
Kalhatti Falls(fifty four km): Water cascades from the pinnacle of the Chandra Drona Hill from a peak of 45m, to float earlier than the Veerabhadreshwara Temple committed to Lord Shiva. Kalhatti Falls is placed at the manner to Kemmannugundi and makes a fresh forestall to go to while withinside the location. Veerabhadreshwara temple is stated to be constructed at some stage in Vijayanagara rule.
Hebbe Waterfalls: Hebbe Falls is one of the maximum famous waterfalls in Chikkamagaluru. A trek from Kemmanagundi alongside a steep and slender direction results in those sprightly falls. Surrounded via way of means of dense forests and espresso plantations, Hebbe Waterfalls rush down a peak of 554 ft in stages, to shape the Dodda Hebbe (Big Falls) and the Chikka Hebbe (Small Falls). Additional trekking is needed to attain the higher part of the Hebbe Falls. A small pool fashioned via way of means of the falls at its base is good for a dip and quick swim
Heggade Falls: A lesser recognised waterfall placed in Jayapura, 22 kms south of Koppa.
Bandajje Arabi Falls: Close to Ballalarayana Durga and frequently visited as an extension to Ballalarayana Durga trek.
Tourist Attractions
Coffee Museum: Coffee museum in chikkamagaluru is a high-quality manner to records and processing of espresso. Coffee museum is a Coffee Board initiative, open on all weekdays and placed proper in the back of Zilla Panchayat workplace in Chikkamagaluru.
Central Coffee Research Institution: The district additionally homes the Central Coffee Research Institution previously referred to as the Coffee Experimental Station began out in 1925 below the stewardship of overdue Dr. Leslie C. Coleman. Now unfold over a place of 119.86 hectares, the institute conducts studies to adapt techniques geared toward growing productiveness and development of the exceptional of espresso.
Chikmagalur Golf Club: Nestled withinside the foothills of the breathtaking Baba Budan Giri range, the Chikmagalur Golf Club is a 18 hollow Golf route unfold over eighty two acres.


Bird Watching: Over two hundred species of birds are living or go to for the duration of migratory season to the forests of Kuduremukha.
Trekking: With permission from wooded area officials, day treks may be undertaken withinside the hills of Kuduremukha. Camping isn’t always allowed for this reason hikers want to go back earlier than sunset. Besides famous trek to Kuduremukha peak, different hiking trails are Kurinjal Peak, Gangadikal Peak, Seethabumi peak, Ballalarayana Durga, Valikunda and Narasimha Parvatha.
Neelakurinji Blooms in Chikkamagaluru: The Western Ghats eparticularly Chikkamagaluru at the side of Kodagu in Karnataka offers a suitable possibility for travellers, to look hill facets protected with a outstanding carpet of purplish-blue flora. This spectacle takes place while the Neelakurinji flora bloom as soon as in 12 years.
White water rafting: Private operators behavior white water rafting in Bhadra river. Typical trip covers three-four kms with three rapids. Check
Jeep Safari: Forest branch organizes Jeep Safari interior Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. Forest Safari in Bhadra has excessive possibility of tiger and leopard recognizing as over 30 tigers and 20 leopards are primarily based totally in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.
Coffee Plantation Tours: Coffee Plantation excursions are operated through non-public excursion operators. Most domestic-live proprietors additionally facilitate plantation excursions
Camping: Overnight tenting in safe, steady and scenic places is prepared through non-public operators.
Religious Places
Sringeri (ninety km): The maximum vital Hindu pilgrim centres, Sringeri is devoted to Sharadamba, Goddess of Learning and Wisdom. The temple is famed for its 12 sculpted pillars, every representing a signal of the zodiac.
Temples in Chikkamagaluru: Bola Rameshwara, Kollapura Mahalakshmi, Kannika Parameshwari, Rukhmai Panduranga and Kattimaramma are maximum famous temples in Chikkamagaluru metropolis.
Amritapura: Amritapura is famous for its Hoysala fashion Amriteshvara temple. Amriteshvara temple became constructed in 1196 AD through Amriteshvara Dandanayaka, a commander of Hoysala king Ballala the second. Delicacy of hand crafted artwork, originality of layout and high-quality feathers make Amriteshvara a excessive magnificence shape of Hoysala period.
Horanadu (90km): Horanadu is located withinside the midst of thick forests and is a centre of Devi worship. Horanadu is domestic to Sri Annapurneshwari Temple, committed to Goddess Annapurna (that means feeding one and all). It is assumed that devotees who are looking for Her benefits might by no means have shortage of meals. Horanadu Annapurneshwari temple is assumed to be built four hundred years in the past through Saint Agasthya Maharishi. Annapurneshwari interprets to Goddess who gives meals and fulfils hunger. Since its inception, Annapurneshwari temple has been acknowledged to offer loose food to all devotees touring the temple. Main deity Goddess Annapurneshwari, fabricated from gold, is visible status with four hands, keeping Shankha (Conch Shell), Chakra (wheel), Sri Chakra and Devi Gayatri in her hands. With silver colored Adishesha (snake god) over the head, absolutely adorned Adishakti Annapurneshwari is a divine sight now no longer to miss. Horanadu temple additionally has shrines committed to Udbhava Maha Ganapathi, Anjaneya Swamy and Sri Navagraha.
Kalasa (ninety km): Kalasa is positioned at the banks of Bhadra River and is domestic to Pancha Teerthas (5 Sacred Ponds) specifically Rudra Teertha, Amba Teertha, Naga Teertha, Varaha Teertha and Vasishtha Teertha. You also can locate temples committed to Lord Shiva known as Kalaseshvara Temple and Agastyeshvara Temple. Kalasa is one of the 5 sacred spiritual locations withinside the region: Kalasa is one of the Pancha-kshetras– different 4 being Khandya, Hebbe, Somapura and Kudli.
Hiremagalur: Hiremagalur village is famous for its Kodandarama temple, providing deities Rama, Lakshmana and Seeta. Hiremagalur is simply three kms farfar from Chikkamagaluru.
Imam Dattatreya Peetha (30 km): Situated at the Baba Budan Giri Range is the Imam Dattatreya Peetha, a shrine commemorated through Hindus and Muslims alike. The variety is likewise known as Chandra Drona Parvatha, because it resembles a crescent. Baba Budan Giri (1895 m) takes its call from the Muslim saint Baba Budan who resided right here, and is credited to have delivered the primary espresso seeds into the region, after a go to to Arabia. A laterite cave right here is assumed to were sanctified through being the house of Dattatreya Swami in addition to Hazrath Dada Hayath Mir Kalandar. Worship right here is carried out through a fakir, and the once a year jatra or urus is attended through each Hindus and Muslims with exceptional fervour.
Angadi: Home to Goddess Vasantika and ruins of 5 different temples which include Jain basadis.
Asandi: Home to Chandikeshwara, Veerabhadra, Gangeshvara and Brahmeshvara temple.
Balehonnur: Home to Rambhapuri Matha and Veerabhadra temple
Brahmasamudra: Home to 2 Hoysala technology temples, committed to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.
Hariharapura: Home to Varadaraya Venkataramana temple and a widely known Smartha Matha.
Jayapura: Home to 2 Hoysala technology temples: Chennakeshava and Lokeshwara.
Kalasapura: Home to 2 Hoysala technology temples: Cheluva Narayana and Mallikarjuna.
Marle: Known for its high-quality Hoysala temples: Chennakeshava and Siddeshwara
Mudigere: Home to Singeshvara temple ruins, Lakshminarayana temple and Rameshvara temple.
Yedehalli: Home to a few Jain basadis and Yakshi Jwalamalini temple
Kigga (ninety five km): Kigga is a small village positioned close to Sringeri. The principal appeal right here is the Sri Rishya Shringeshwara Swamy Temple. The temple is called after the well-known sage, Rishya Shringha of Ramayana repute and it’s miles believed that the metropolis of Sringeri receives its call from this exceptional sage. This village is well-known for its landscapes and the hiking direction that results in the height of Narasimha Parvatha. The technique avenue to Sirimane Falls cross beside this temple.
Tarikere: Features Hoysala technology Keshava temple with nicely carved motifs and splendid show of worksmanship
Devaramane: Popular for Kalabhaireshvara temple.
Vidyaranyapura: Built withinside the 14th century, it’s miles domestic to Harihareshvara temple and numerous different seventeenth century shrines.
Yallambalase: The vicinity is domestic to Keshava temple and exceptional Kalleshwara temples

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